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Ways to pamper your mother – She deserves the best.


What do we call a multi-tasker? Someone who puts in so much labor but doesn’t get paid? That person who bears the brunt of carrying you for 9 months? You call her a mother. Someone who selflessly does everything but still raves about your smallest accomplishments. As a mom, it’s easier to put everyone else’s needs before your own and neglect yourself completely. Indeed, motherhood is a 24/7 job, and while our mothers are responsible for so much, they are often under-appreciated and taken for granted. We, as kids, often fail to reciprocate the respect and attention that our mums deserve.

Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. It is an important day for both the mothers and the kids, hence calls for a greater celebration. It is about honoring our moms for the sacrifices they make for us. In that spirit, this mother’s day, let’s and shower them with love and care that they rightly deserve.

  • Treat her with a delicious healthy meal – perhaps one of the most obvious things to do on a special day for moms would be to take your mom out for breakfast, lunch or dinner. But, since its Ramadan time and its also not a very healthy option, take control of the menu and treat your mom with some nutritious home-cooked food. A healthy suhoor in bed made with love served with a big cuddle and a sweet handwritten note would make any mom feel like the luckiest person in the world.

  • Preventive health check-up – Everyone wants their mothers to stay fit and healthy forever. With increasing age and hectic lifestyle, our moms may fall prey to diseases such as diabetes or hypertension. Take care of your mother’s health on this mother’s day and get your mom tested by availing our Mother’s day special 50% discount offer on Lipid Profile Lab Test and get an HbA1c test along with it for absolutely FREE by using the promo code: HEALTH. This offer is only valid on orders placed from the Dawaai App. Also, avail a 15% discount on Basic Health Profile Lab test from dawaai.pk web and App.

  • Pamper your Ma – A massage, or even a full day at a spa, is a GREAT way to relax your mom. With all the special mother’s day spa deals buzzing around the town, avail the exciting offers and take your mom for a spa retreat. Getting a refreshing facial, manicure, pedicure or a blow dry is the best way to pamper your mom. Such treatment may help with stress reduction, hormone regulation and ensure better sleep.

  • Make your very own healthy hamper – What could be better than a basket full of healthy goodies for your beloved mom? You can include in your basket; healthy teas such as chamomile or green tea, granola bars, dark chocolate, facial oils; bath and body essentials and even lip balms.

  • Break a sweat with an exercise gear – Be a gym partner that your mom needs. Get a gym membership along with your mom in a nearby gym this mothers’ day. To keep the motivation, get her the right outfit and shoes to be ready to hit the gym.

It’s true that  we should celebrate our Mamas every day! And let’s begin by appreciating them this Mother’s day not only with materialistic love but also emotional support. So, let’s make the most of it to make them feel special. Because, a healthy mom is a happy mom!



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