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7 Ways to Make This Eid-ul-Fitr Special

Eid-ul-Fitr is a special day hence it deserves special attention so it can be made joyful and memorable. One of the things I always loved about Eid since I was a child is how every person I see wears new clothes. Our maids, chaukidaars, the milkmen, the shopkeepers, the sweepers, and their children; there is not one person who is left out. It is indeed a blessed day.

Here are 7 ways to make your Eid even more special this year.

Give your home a makeover

You spend all that time choosing the perfect outfit for yourself and matching accessories with it. Your home deserves a little tender love and care as well. Decorating even just the living room or the dining room can help match the mood with the occasion.

Make food you normally don’t

I think we have this covered with the Sheer Khurma. Nonetheless, special food even for lunch/dinner that is not made normally gives Eid the edge it has over all other days. Personally, I prefer breakfast for champions on Eid morning!

At the Eid Namaz, look for those who are alone and greet them

At Eid prayer, meet and great even those you don’t know, especially if they’re alone. This holiday is meant to be celebrated with family and loved ones so those who don’t have any deserve extra attention from others.

Eat together

Make sure that on this special day, social media does not separate you from your family. Eat those special dishes at the dinner table together to make the most of Eid.

Get that camera out!

Taking pictures throughout the day or making a video in the morning about everyone getting ready/eating breakfast can be a great way to remember the day. It will make a hilarious and memorable piece of family history.

Share the joy with neighbors/relatives

There’s barely anything as exciting as opening the box of mithai that just came from the neighbor’s house to check which one it is. Yay if its Rehmat-e-Shereen! Jokes apart, don’t just send food items as a way of sharing joy. Try to go meet them if possible and share a few pleasant words.

Encourage the kids to give to the poor

Teach your kids to give out a small percentage from their Eidi to the poor. This will instill in them the value of helping others from a young age and understand the true spirit of Ramadan as well as Eid.



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