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4 Ways to Deal with Chronic Fatigue

Waking up tired, inability to fall asleep, constantly pulling yourself down and constant cravings for caffeine to keep you awake throughout the day are some of the major symptoms that suggest that you are suffering from chronic fatigue. The sad part is that most of the people think that they are only tired because of their ever busy schedule. However, in reality, they suffer from chronic fatigue. If not addressed right on time, chronic fatigue can destroy your health and wellbeing. In this post, we are sharing four major ways in which you can deal with your chronic fatigue.

Improve your Sleep

With each passing day, life seems busier than before, which cast its impact on our sleep to a greater extent. To combat chronic fatigue, a good night’s sleep is vital. To improve your sleep, start and end your day with deep and mindful meditation. Also, try to have a bedtime routine such as a quick bath or reading a book; this creates a routine and outs you to a restful sleep. Tea with low caffeine also helps in giving you a relaxing slumber session. Have a cup of green tea that is considered as a great sleep-time medicine.

Work on Your Diet

After your sleep, your diet is another major reason to make you feel tired and fatigued all the time. The food that you eat is like fuel to your body. If you are not having protein, fat, and carbohydrates in the right proportion; you are prone to physical fatigue. Try to incorporate everything in your diet in the right proportion. Make sure all your meals of the day must contain fruits, vegetables, and meat in one form or other.

Opt for Breathing Exercise

Inability to focus and diverging thoughts keep your mind exhausted and tired and contribute to chronic fatigue. This, in turn, affects your efficiency and this is one of the reasons you get tired easily. The best way to treat your adrenaline fatigue is to take time out throughout the day to focus on your breath and understand its pattern. It is an ideal way to distress and calms your mind.

Fix your Gut

You suffer from the leaky gut when your intestinal lining is damaged and research shows a strong relationship between intestinal infection and chronic fatigue. Intolerance to certain food items and having them in abundance can also contribute to chronic fatigue. Get your necessary lab tests done to check out the status of your gut health. In order to fix your gut, you need to clean your diet, home, and mind. Incorporate anti-inflammatory food in your diets such as green vegetables and coconut oil.



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