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6 Ways Bottle Gourd (LAUKI) Helps You Lose Weight


Commonly known as “lauki”, bottle gourd has rarely ever been in the spotlight in terms of its benefits and nutritional value. With only 14 calories in every 100 grams, the vegetable is an excellent source of fiber, calcium, potassium, magnesium and other nutrients without the downside of excessive calories. Vitamin B in Bottle Gourd speeds up digestion leading to increased metabolism, hence helping in weight loss.

Here are some ways good old “lauki” can help you lose weight:

  • Have some for breakfast!

Need a kick start in the morning? Make bottle gourd juice, pulp and liquid both included. The fiber will keep you from having hunger pangs for a couple of hours and the juice will give your body an early morning cleanse.

  • As a snack perhaps?

Get some bottle gourd, carrots, beans, onions, and some protein. Add seasoning and let it simmer till everything is cooked! Not only do you have a delicious lunch full of nutrients, but you can also add some croutons or have it with a piece of toasted whole-wheat bread to add some crunch.

  • It’s the perfect detox

Our body needs cleansing, both externally and internally. While the liver does that quite efficiently, giving it a little help with some detox agents will help the process. Extract bottle gourd juice, add some mint and lime and you’re good to go!


  • Good for those with a weak stomach

Bottle gourd works great as a natural remedy for common stomach ailments such as indigestion, heartburn, and acidity. Therefore bottle gourd can be a great option during weight loss and diet programs when you need to keep your digestion functioning properly.

  • Keeps you hydrated

With a water content of about 95%, bottle gourd is an excellent source of hydration. Having a glass of its juice or even preparing it within your meals ensures hydration for the body. Summers in tropical countries can get quite severe therefore having “lauki” juice helps the body make up for lost water.

  • Manages your urinary system

“Lauki” supports our kidneys and the overall urinary tract by neutralizing the acid in our system. Its alkaline nature has a diuretic effect which helps manage the system and flush out toxins efficiently.



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