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Waxing vs Shaving: Which is the best option for hair removal?

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Medically reviewed by Dr. Riaz Ali Shah.

The waxing vs shaving debate has been ongoing for a long time. Both sides have ardent supporters who swear by their respective hair removal practices. Waxxers have slammed shaving on the claims that it increases instances of ingrown hair, causes the growth of thicker hair and can lead to cuts. People who shave disagree and stress that waxing is more harmful because it can cause burns, inflammation and acne. In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of these two methods of hair removal. After reading this, you should be able to decide which is the best option for you.

Pros of shaving

An obvious advantage of this method is that it is quick, cheap and easy. Shaving is, thus, a convenient choice for many. Many of us have picked up the razor because there just isn’t time. Another major advantage is that it is painless. For those of us who flinch at the thought of a pulled wax strip, shaving is a great option. Moreover, shaving is good for your skin because it clears away dead skin with the hair.

Pros of waxing

The most significant advantage of waxing is the fact that it is longer lasting. You would not have to think about hair until at least two weeks later. Many women believe that waxing also reduces hair and slows down growth after continued use. Although this has not been proven by research. Moreover, it is also believed that the hair that grows after a wax job is softer and better quality. These advantages of waxing have led many to choose this method consistently.

Cons of waxing

If you go to the salon to get waxed, you may understand how big of an inconvenience it is. It is also a regular expense that makes your pocket lighter every month. If you do it at home, it is slightly less inconvenient and cheaper. However, the pain is still very real.

Waxing also causes skin irritation, sensitivity and inflammation. It can also increase signs of aging. Moreover, in many salons, even some of the high-end ones, conditions are not hygienic. Dirty sheets, not cleaning the equipment and double dipping are just some of the common practices that can cause great harm to your skin. Waxing is also known to cause acne. If you are having problems with your skin, it is best to stay as far away from wax as possible.

Cons of shaving

Shaving can get tiresome because of how often one needs to do it. Most people need to shave every day or every other day to maintain stubble-free skin.

Some also find regrowth of the hair after shaving uncomfortable because of the hair’s texture. If you are not careful, you can also cut yourself quite easily. Therefore, it is important to exfoliate and moisturize your skin beforehand in order to avoid nicks and razor burn.

We hope that this waxing vs shaving deliberation has been useful for you. Remember, when it comes to choosing the right method, it is best to go with what suits you personally. Next time you have to choose between waxing or shaving, think about these benefits and disadvantages. In either of the two choices, make sure that the equipment is clean and meets all the necessary hygiene standards. Let us know in the comments below which method is best for you!



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