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Top 4 ways you can prevent migraine

Migraine is the worst thing that can happen to someone. Although it is short-lived, it can prove to be one of the most daunting experiences if occurred on a regular basis. Not every type of headache can be classified as a migraine headache. Migraine headache is a result of many neurological changes that occur in the brain and which result in severe pain. Migraine headaches result in sensitivity to light, sound, and smell. It usually occurs towards any one side of the brain and not the whole. Many patients have described the pain as a throbbing and pounding sensation in the head. The intensity of this pain increases as your body physically exerts itself. Therefore it is important that you rest. There are certain ways by which migraine headache can be prevented, these include:

Avoiding loud sound and bright lights.

These are one of the most common triggers for a migraine. If you have had instances of migraine in the past, it is necessary to completely avoid situations such as driving at night, concerts with flashy lights, direct exposure to sunlight and constant exposure to a monitor or TV screen. If you must stay in front of a TV screen or monitor for various reasons, it is important that you take short breaks. The blue light emitted from these monitors can also destroy your sleep pattern.

Watch what you eat

There are a number of foods which act as a catalyst for migraine headaches. These are dark chocolate, alcohol and processed meats. Too much caffeine consumption can also trigger a migraine. The list is not limited to the mentioned food items. Knowing which foods can trigger unwanted brain activity and cause migraines will help protect you from this menace.

The natural way

Most of our health problems can be solved in a natural way. Which means the cure lies within our kitchen cabinets yet we are unaware of it. Taking supplements and herbs rich in magnesium, for example, is one of them. Also drinking natural drinks such as green tea or herbal tea may help relax your mind.

Regular exercise

Exercise is the best way to deal with migraines. It helps to keep healthy blood flow within the body, including your brain, which means it prevents migraine reactions to build up. However, make sure that you do not engage in intense weight lifting if you have ha prior experiences of migraine attacks.



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