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5 things every Pakistani can relate to during rain!


Here comes the time of the year, when you unpack raincoats and get your umbrellas out of the cupboard, grab some ziplock plastics to be used as phone cover, and plan a picnic with your friends and family. But Hey! We, as Pakistanis experience some exclusive stuff without which, our monsoons are just incomplete. Here are 5 things every Pakistani can relate to when it rains!


Something every Pakistani can relate to regardless of your city is the power outages that we experience when it starts to pour. Grabbing your power banks and charging your phones is a must because how less will you Snapchat that beautiful rain and let everyone know that you TOO can see that rain.



A must have a snack for our desi homes, that has been around for generations; pakoras! During the rainy season, the smell of fresh pakoras being fried will make your mouth water like no other western food can and if you add chai to that you have your perfect food for that perfect weather.


The Buggy Affair

We all see them and we all hate them from the bottom of our hearts, those pesky black flying bugs that appear out of nowhere and take over our lives and just become slightly more annoying than those Rishta aunties!  Well, there’s no cure for Rishta aunties but for these bugs, insect spray is the savior!

buggy affair

That Black Extension

Since we were kids we’ve seen cars suddenly develop these black pipes that stick out from their behinds when it starts to rain and we’ve wondered what are these things and why do they appear when it rains. Well as adults we now know what big lifesavers those pipes are because they’re the reason our cars keep going on and not become moody during the rain.

black extension

The Terrace Time

You really haven’t lived till you’ve gone out in the rain and just had the time of your life; be it on the roof, out in your garden or just out on the road and completely ignoring your mother who is shouting at the top of her voice telling you to come back inside because tomorrow when you’re down with a cold it’ll be her job to nurse you back to health.

terrace time



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