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Spicing up your mornings with ginger


Medically reviewed by Dr. Unsa Mohsin.

While the most difficult part of your day might be waking up in the morning, what’s more difficult is what comes later; breakfast. No matter how hard you try, you either don’t have enough time for it, or enough variety. You are super sick of the same boring omelet, toasts, and coffee. Here’s how you can make your mornings healthy, and also add a bit of spice that is missing in your life.

1. First things first: Coffee

Talk about a power duo for mornings, and coffee and ginger has got your back. Dating back to the traditional Middle Eastern times, this is a perfect recipe to get started in the morning. Loaded with antioxidant properties, ginger is a perfect ingredient in fighting cancers. And, who wouldn’t want some detox at the start of their day?

What to do:

Just add a teaspoon of ground ginger to your regular coffee, and voila!

2. Smoothies and ginger juice

Did you know that ginger juice is super loaded with health benefits? From being a natural antibiotic and fighting off bacteria, to curing cancers with antioxidants, it can do wonders. Moreover, if your morning workout routine is tough, you can count on ginger juice to treat post-exercise soreness, muscular pain, and also menstrual cramps. So, whiz away your regular morning smoothie or your protein shakes with a bit of ginger juice to make the best of your otherwise boring mornings.

3. Keep calm and sip ginger tea

Apart from being your regular go-to beverage on a winter night, ginger tea can do a lot more. Be it nausea, motion sickness, or morning sickness in pregnant women, ginger has got it all.

What to do:

Boil a cup of water, and add grated ginger root to it. Let it sit for 10 minutes. You may add sugar to taste.

4. Jam-packed goodness

Ever heard of a ginger jam? Jam sure is a part of your breakfast; why not spice it up with a bit of ginger?

What to do:

Take about 1lb of chopped ginger in a pan with 1 cup of sugar, and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Bring the mixture to boil for 10 minutes. As the ginger softens, reduce the flame to low heat, and let it simmer for another 30 minutes. Make sure to keep stirring every 5 minutes or so. Now, heat it on low flame till the desired consistency is achieved. Once done, remove from flame and allow it to cool.

5. Pancakes? Why not!

Who wouldn’t like some pancakes on a weekend morning? Instead of your regular maple syrup, switch to a ginger syrup to complement your pancakes.

What to do:

Take 1/4 lb. chopped garlic with 1 cup of water and sugar each. Boil for 30 minutes, and strain the mixture. Once it has cooled down, use on pancakes for a tangy flavor.

Ginger, spice and everything nice

Explore nature’s own ways to surprise yourself. Make healthy and natural choices, because you are what you eat. Rise and shine!

Guest Credits: Dr Faryal Zaidi



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