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Skincare 101 – Sunscreen and your skin

Skin care

Medically reviewed by Dr. Unsa Mohsin.

If there was a silver lining to all of the anxiety and stress that 2020 brought, it was that it finally taught us all the significance of skincare. For many, this meant investing in their skincare regime as a way to unwind while also improving their health and wellness. People are increasingly turning to skincare as a self-care ‘therapy’, mostly as a reaction to the turbulent times we are all experiencing. Some of us will have to admit; most of us do not have perfect skin. Some of these things are genetic and gorgeous skin is one of them. It just doesn’t run in all families, which means, we have got to take care of it. 

If we’re being honest with ourselves, most of us are already aware of the benefits of sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen every day should be integral in your skincare routine to avoid exposing your skin to avoidable sun damage.

Sunscreen benefits – Top 4

  1. Even Complexion

Applying sunscreen on your face can aid in an even complexion. Sun damage is one of the numerous reasons for uneven skin tones, and using sunscreen on a daily basis can help to mitigate its effects.

  1. Protection against the sun

One of sunscreen’s most obvious and distinct advantages is that it protects the skin of the exposure to dangerous UV radiation from the sun that can cause numerous skin diseases. Even minor sunburns can cause harm to the skin, therefore it is essential that you protect it.

  1. Protection against visible premature skin aging

We all desire skin that is young, vibrant, and healthy. Overexposure to sunlight, on the other hand, can accentuate wrinkles and fine lines. Sunscreen can help guard against the adverse repercussions of premature skin ageing.

  1. Reduced risk of skin cancer

Sunscreen is effective at lowering the chance of acquiring a number of skin cancers which are known to be exceedingly destructive and can be fatal for people, especially in their twenties. However, to notice the cumulative protection, you must use sunscreen every day.

When sunscreen is applied, vital proteins like keratin in the skin are protected. These proteins are largely responsible to maintain a healthy skin with a smooth texture. Most people dislike the product because of the sticky feeling and greasy appearance it leaves on their skin. If you’ve ever had acne-prone skin, you’ll understand. Fortunately, skincare products have gone a long way and there are many alternatives to choose from. You can use a sunscreen that is specially formulated not to clog your pores. Heavy oils and perfumes are examples of ingredients to avoid. Sunscreens with a lighter, gel-like, or fluid consistency are preferable to heavy-duty formulations. 

Applying sunscreen on a daily basis may seem like an added step to your skincare routine, particularly if you are simply driving from your car to your workplace and back, but it is critical to the health of your skin. Even if you spend the most of your time indoors, you should still apply sunscreen to all exposed skin regions. 

It is never too late to practice self-care. You live, you learn, as the saying goes! If you don’t apply sunscreen or only put it on while you’re out in the sun or on vacation in the Maldives, now is the time to start. Find a sunscreen that works for you and use it frequently.


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