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ORS – Gain Back The Fluids


Medically Reviewed by Dr. Unsa Mohsin

ORS Water in Pakistan has been one of the oldest methods of retaining the fluids in your body. Especially Pediatric ORS has been a go-to solution to deal with dehydration problems among infants.

A human body needs water and minerals at all times to keep functioning, especially when it’s continuously being expelled out through different means. If you’ve eaten something unhygienic due to the irresistible hunger pangs or if you’ve stepped out in the scorching heat, you may lose all the essential waters either in the form of vomiting and diarrhea or sweat.

In any of these situations or in some other ones too, the best thing you could do is rehydrate your body as much as possible to gain back what you’ve lost and ORS water helps plentiful to ensure that.

Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS)

Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) is one of the best measures to opt for if you’re lacking water volume and nutrients in your body.  ORS for infants and or ORS for adults has been widely consumed in Pakistan when they suffer from diarrhea or dehydration.

ORS replaces fluids in the form of salt and sugar and contains moderate amounts of potassium, glucose, and sodium in it to help look after the deficiencies of it. It works by making glucose to increase the absorption of sodium and water by your gastric system and so makes it available for the tiny beings called cells in your body.

You can use it in cases of food poisoning when you have watery diarrhea and vomiting, heat or sunstroke and can be used for somebody who’s burnt and has lost fluids. It is important to note that in case of severe heat stroke, it is not advisable to consume ORS orally; rather, it is given through a drip.

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Making ORS

Making ORS is upper simple and easy. Just follow the following steps and you are ready to drink it up.

  • Take a liter of water in a jug or a clean bottle
  • Add a packet of pediatric ORS in it
  • Stir it well and drink with fine intervals


This amazing solution can be used by every individual but the amount in which it has to be taken by adults, children and infants differ. Adults can consume 2 to 4 liters during 24 hours, children can use 1 liter over 8 to 24 hours and for infants, the usual dosage is recommended to be 1 liter over 24 hours. When giving it to a child or infant, ORS alone should not be continued for more than 24 hours and a complete diet should be resumed if it is possible. Also, consult your doctor if the condition worsens and gets out of control.

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