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Morning Habits: 7 simple tips to start your day right

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Since the coronavirus pandemic has led to many of us entering into self-quarantine, our days have become drastically different. If you have been struggling to adjust to this new way of life here are some morning habits that are very beneficial to structuring your day.

Make a plan before you go to bed

The way to starting your day right actually starts from the night before. So, before you go to sleep, review three or four things you would like to get done tomorrow. If it helps, you can write it down and put it up on the wall. Planning your day in advance will help you structure it.

Make your morning routine screen-free

When you wake up, shut off your alarm and try to orient yourself in the room you are in. Naming five things you see is a good technique to make yourself present in the space. Then, without checking your phone, get up. If you immediately start checking your phone in bed, you may lose track of time scrolling on social media. Spending the first hour of your day away from screens will help you recall and review your plan for the day.

Eat breakfast, it’s important!

Even if you don’t like to eat in the morning because it makes you feel heavy, you should consider eating lighter foods such as fruits. Many studies have linked eating breakfast to better levels of concentration and good health.

Think positive thoughts

Self-encouragement goes a long way. Tell yourself that you will have a great day. You will do excellent work, stay positive and learn new things. If you have a particularly challenging day ahead of you, this positive-thinking practice becomes even more crucial. If you need some help to get you in the right mood, play some uplifting music. Read something inspirational.

Take a shower

Don’t wait till later in the day to take a shower. We know it is quarantine time and most people stay in sweat-pants all day, but showering and getting ready for a regular work day will improve your mood and charge you to tackle your goals.

Exercise and meditate

Even if you do yoga for 10 minutes, your body and mind will thank you. Since we are confined to our homes and our bodies don’t get much physical activity in the morning, it’s a good idea to incorporate a short yoga session in your routine.

We hope these tips help you develop healthy morning habits for a happy and productive day!



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