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Lose weight with these 5 breakfast rituals!

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Medically Reviewed by Dr Riyaz Ali

It is hard at times; staring at the weighing machine and seeing your weight only rise up. It breaks your heart; you give up, start binging up on junk food and have a heart attack. See! This is not how you want your story to begin, or end for that matter. For once look away from the sight of greasy pan fried parathas and read ahead to know of the breakfast rituals that will help you lose weight. If your mother is force-feeding you ghee filled items then stop her and ask her to read ahead as well.

· Bring in honey, as sweet as you and some lemon.

Lemon is the zest(read: best) for your health and honey is as sweet as it gets. A warm drink with both lemon and honey will tick all the healthy boxes on your list. This lukewarm beverage is known by many as an antioxidant booster that helps the metabolism as well. So start your morning with a cup of some lukewarm goodness and see that weight shedding off as good as autumn leaves.

· You will definitely say ‘I love you so Matcha’

Everyone is raving about Matcha tea and for very good reasons, actually. This tea is a lot better than green tea and more potent in making you lose more weight as it is processed differently. You are probably wondering how? Well, this tea is Matcha good for you because it is low in calories, rich in oxidants, boosts metabolism, provides energy, reduces stress and burns fats. To top it all, Matcha tea balances blood sugar levels and so it is great for diabetics too. So get a cup of Matcha tea in the morning and sip it with your favorite biscuits, but make sure they aren’t full of sugar!

· Include fiber in your diet

It is said over and over again that foods filled with fiber help satiate your hunger. Therefore, you should make sure to include fruits in your diet. Even better is a wholehearted fiber meal that is tasty yet healthy. Oatmeal is a dish that ticks all the right boxes, it is packed with fiber and keeps you full for a long time and is a delectable treat. Also, it is reported that oatmeal is made with slow-release carbohydrates that keep your blood sugar levels low and help you burn fat.

To make a yummy oatmeal dish, place some oatmeal in a bowl and add hot water. Add honey to this, a dash of cinnamon powder and serve with your choice of nuts.

· Part away from sugars

People often keep on getting anxious about their worst enemies but they forget about the ones they have stored away happily at home. Yes, sugar is your enemy. Your worst one so fights it away right now with that healthy sword. Get new substitutes, and use jaggery or stevia instead of white sugar. Grab all the sugar-free cookies and sugar-free jams for breakfast. Drink your tea without any sugar and keep a track of all the bread you are eating. Remember, either you kill sugar or it kills you.

· Drink the H 2 the 0

Your body is 72% water and when you wake up your body doesn’t have enough water in it. So like the water you waiting for? You should drink a huge glass of water first thing in the morning, this will help you rehydrate yourself and feel good in the process.  Water helps to fire up your metabolism, flushes out excess toxins and you tend to eat less throughout the day. This helps you lose weight, so stop spending so much money on your gym and look for a cheaper alternative, namely water. Or do both, that’s even better.

It is not to be doubted that you have definitely heard of the saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But, you should also know that a healthy breakfast every day not only keeps the doctor away but the extra weight too. Follow these tips and get the body you only get to dream about!

Guest Post Credit: Asma Qadri



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