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This year’s Women’s day theme is #BreakTheBias. For a second, let’s imagine a world with equality – which is free of gender discrimination, bias and stereotypes. Wouldn’t it be absolutely fantastic if we lived in a world where women were celebrated every day and not just one single day? 

But sadly, because of gender stereotypes in Pakistan, women are less valued and experience restrictions regarding their freedom. Women to date are judged by how actively they adhere to gender stereotypes on how they should dress, restrict themselves to looking after the house, and have curfews. All of this limits women’s power to grow and, as a result, discourages their contributions to making our world a better place.

Do you want to make a change? It’s never too late.

Speak up. It’s essential to start a discourse about your own experiences of gender discrimination in Pakistan. This will not only spread awareness but also encourage others to speak up.

All of us are responsible for our actions. Together, let’s break the bias in schools, universities, workplaces, communities and homes. Acknowledging is not always enough; efforts are needed.

Together let’s #BreakTheBias on this Women’s Day in Pakistan.

Women should be celebrated every day but not just on marriages or having babies. If a female friend became an entrepreneur or left a toxic job, rescues stray animals, or someone who bought her own home and much more, all of these women should be celebrated. 

“Let’s root for each other and watch each other grow.”

Women’s health in Pakistan is among the lowest not just compared to neighboring countries but also around the world.  In Pakistan, apparently one in every 38 women dies because of pregnancy related causes. A study says, “High fertility and women’s poor health not only seriously reduce family well-being and productive capacity in Pakistan but also the development potential of tomorrow.”

Other than rooting for each other we should buck each other up on adapting a healthy lifestyle like adding some vitamins in everyday life, an activity which helps us be active, get ourselves check regularly and get routinely lab tests done. Here are some healthy vitamin supplements in Pakistan every woman should take: Skin, hair, nail capsule, Supplement Bottle, Vitamax Women tablet.

Some of the routinely lab tests are as follows: Pap smear test, Thyroid complete profile, Breast Cancer test and Blood Glucose Fasting test.

There are several ways to thank and appreciate the women around us. Let’s agree on how we all are dependent on women, whether it is our mothers, partners, friends or sisters. Let’s celebrate them and thank them for each and everything they do for us.

Inspire women’s power – instil confidence and ambition in young girls/colleagues/students—support women-owned businesses.

Arrange webinars/live sessions in schools/colleges and workplaces to educate men and women about the equality of women and the importance of women’s day which regularly happens in Dawaai where women are treated equally and are given importance. With the ease of access to education and social media, let’s all learn to do better, and stand with the women of the past, the present and the future.



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