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It’s a bone affair

Bones are one of the most essential parts in the human body. They help us do everything from walking, moving and even laying down. They protect our vital organs such as heart and lungs from shocks and injuries. However, we often ignore the many functions our bones perform and hence fail to give them the attention they deserve. Here are some of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure your bones are in top condition.

1. One word: calcium

Calcium is synonymous with bone health. It is the compound that forms healthy bones and teeth. Calcium deficiency is responsible for degradation of the bones as well as causing osteoporosis. Calcium can be taken through foods such as dairy (milk, yogurt and cheese) or it can be taken separately as a supplement.

2. Soak up the sunshine

Calcium on its own is not very effective. What helps calcium get soaked up in the bones is Vitamin D. And guess what? It’s free! Spending a few hours every day in the sunshine causes the body to produce a good supply of vitamin D to keep your bones healthy and strong.

3. You better run

Exercise is one medicine for a lot of health issues. Not surprisingly, regular exercise can ensure healthy bones and in fact a sedentary lifestyle is often the cause of osteoporosis. Not only cardio but traditional weight training has been proven as an effective way to keep your bones up and running.

4. Eat Eggs

Eggs contain almost 6% of your daily vitamin D requirement and are a quick and natural way to get it. Almost the entire amount of Vitamin D is present in the yolk so make sure to include that in your breakfast, lunch or dinner.



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