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Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Pakistan – How to Cure Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis in Pakistan

Medically reviewed by Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Shera.

Hyperhidrosis treatment in Pakistan is one perhaps one of the most underrated skin treatments due to not many people not being aware that excessive sweating can be a disorder. However, Hyperhidrosis in Pakistan is gaining recognition and being treated at a successful rate by dermatologists.

If you’re wondering what is the most effective treatment for hyperhidrosis in Pakistan, how hyperhidrosis is cured and is and what is the main reason for hyperhidrosis, then read our blog to know more!

What Exactly is Hyperhidrosis?

Our hands are one of the key ways we interact with the world. We may unlock a door, handle currency, or tap a keyboard. We pat a friend on the back, smooth an angry child’s hair, and shake the hand of a prospective employer. The majority of us take these activities for granted. However, for a small percentage of the population, approximately 2%, excessive sweating transforms these exchanges into terrifying scenarios.

This condition is known as hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis disorder is abnormally profuse perspiration that is unrelated to heat or exercise. You may perspire so heavily that it soaks through your clothing and pours off your fingertips. Because of hyperhidrosis, anxiety and shame are often induced in individuals in addition to disturbing typical everyday activities.

Although doctors do not know the causes of hyperhidrosis, they believe there is a hereditary component making hyperhidrosis a genetic disorder.

Hyperhidrosis in Pakistan – Hyperhidrosis Causes

Sweating is the body’s cooling mechanism. When a body’s temperature rises, the neurological system instantly activates the sweat glands. Normal nervousness is also accompanied by sweating, particularly on the hands.

Primary focal hyperhidrosis is the most prevalent kind of hyperhidrosis. The nerves responsible for signalling the sweat glands become overactive despite not being stimulated by physical exercise or an increase in body temperature. Some people with thyroid disease such as hypothyroidism, confuse excessive sweating with hyperhidrosis as well.

With anxiety or stress, the condition gets even more severe. This variety typically affects the palms and soles, and occasionally the face. This form of hyperhidrosis has no identifiable medical reason. It may have a genetic component because it is sometimes inherited.

Hyperhidrosis Complications

Among the complications of hyperhidrosis are:

  • Infections. People who perspire heavily are more susceptible to skin diseases.
  • social and psychological effects. It might be embarrassing to have clammy or wet hands and perspiration-soaked clothing.
  • If a person suffers from Thyroid Disease

How is Hyperhidrosis Treated?

Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Pakistan
Dfwyouthsecret, 2022

The cure for hyperhidrosis in hands, feet, and armpits is one of the most common questions that people with hyperhidrosis have. The treatment for Hyperhidrosis in Pakistan is widely available where the disease is first diagnosed through a sweat test and hyperhidrosis blood tests to rule out any other underlying health condition.

To treat Hyperhidrosis, one should ideally visit a dermatologist before starting with lifestyle changes or hyperhidrosis medication as the treatment for hyperhidrosis in hands would be different than how it can b

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  • Hyperhidrosis cure at home includes antiperspirants available by prescription. Antiperspirants work by sealing up sweat glands so the body stops producing sweat. A healthcare provider may recommend over-the-counter or prescription-strength varieties. Stronger antiperspirants may help more.
  • Botox injections for hyperhidrosis. 
  • Iontophoresis machine treatments are performed up to seven days a week at home.
  • A simple surgery that prevents excessive perspiration.

Hyperhidrosis Home Remedies – Methods to Control Excessive Sweating

While experimenting with antiperspirants or other treatments recommended by your doctor, you can also try some of the following home remedies to minimize perspiration.

  • Do not wear bulky, sweat-trapping clothing. Wear instead lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton and silk. When you know you’ll be exercising or outdoors in the heat, bring an extra shirt. Your feet can also perspire, so wear socks that wick away moisture.
  • Use antibacterial soap in your daily shower or bath to control the germs that can dwell on your sweaty skin and generate unpleasant odors. Before using antiperspirant, thoroughly pat yourself dry afterward.
  • Utilize underarm liners and shoe inserts to absorb sweat to prevent clothing damage and odor.
  • Avoid spicy food. Spicy foods, alcohol, and hot beverages such as tea and coffee can all induce perspiration.

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