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How to tell if you are actually eating the ‘real chocolate’


Most of us have a sweet tooth, and we tend to binge on these glistening brown bars we call chocolate. Going abroad, to the malls or even the grocery stores- we always pick up our favorite candy bar. But, the real question is if you are actually eating real chocolate? And the answer is that ‘you probably aren’t ’. If you were then you would be seeing more advantages than disadvantages. Therefore, this article will be your silver lining as we will help you figure out what ‘real chocolate’ actually means.

The real deal vs. The ‘Chinese’ version

There have been numerous studies that show that dark chocolate has anti-oxidant properties and a lot of other health benefits. These chocolates need to be made from cacao beans (and they are expensive) to be real but, a lot of manufacturing companies use other parts of the cocoa bean and vegetable oils to make it more profitable for them.

Not all candies and chocolate bars with the ‘chocolate flavor’ are considered as chocolate and they always have that iffy and weird taste to them when compared with the real deal.

To check if the chocolates aren’t as fake as your ex-friends, you need to take a look at the ingredient list. Check if there is cocoa or chocolate liquor in it; if yes then get that sweet deal. However, if it says ‘made with chocolate-flavored product’ then that is a red flag right there. A lot of these chocolate manufacturing places use vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter to cut down on the price. Chocolates made with cocoa butter are silky and the chocolate melts in your mouth, while the fake one just sits there laughing till you cry.

Go Dark and Lovely

Dark chocolate is super beneficial for you as it is rich in minerals like zinc, iron, and magnesium. It also contains antioxidants called flavonoid which is super beneficial for your health.

This yummy treat contains fibers and is loaded with minerals. If we talk about it medically then people with high blood pressure should always keep a pack of dark chocolate (75% – 80%) in their drawers as it helps to lower the blood pressure.

The good news is still ongoing because dark chocolate might help to improve your brain function. Cocoa significantly improves cognitive function and helps to improve verbal fluency.

So like get some dark chocolate in your life because you can be healthy while eating this delicious treat.

Don’t be (choc)late and start making some right now

If you don’t have access to the ‘real chocolate’ we have been talking about then get going and make some yourself! It only needs 3 ingredients and is super easy to make, so follow the recipe below and start making it.

You will need ½  a cup of cacao powder, ½  a cup of melted coconut oil and 6 tsp. of honey. Mix the ingredients in a bowl, add some nuts or berries and put it in a mold. Then throw it in the freezer for about 3-4 hours. Now, pat your back and enjoy this amazing chocolate you created from scratch.

The bitter sweet end  

When buying chocolates, remind yourself to go through the ingredients label. You will be doing your body a favor by not consuming things that are harmful and unhealthy for your body. Moreover, you need to know the origin of the ingredients before stuffing your face with them. Whenever you are consuming chocolate then repeat to yourself that you want a sweet ending, not just an ending!

Guest Credits: Asma Qadri



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