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Here’s why cheese should be your dairy beloved


Medically reviewed by Dr. Unsa Mohsin.

The wonderful manufacturing of cheese has most definitely made it the most desired and loved dairy product of all time! And unlike other dairy products such as milk and yogurt, cheese isn’t considered very healthy. While taking it in moderation is considered okay-ish, cheese lovers are mostly told “a moment on the lips, forever on the hips”. But, what if I told you that’s not all true?

There are a gazillion types of cheese and while some of them will make you gain weight like a rhino, making cheese like mozzarella, cottage, Swiss, feta and parmesan a part of your grocery can be of great use!

Let’s find out why it should be purcheesed!

Build stronger bones

Like me, if you too despise milk and love cheese, nothing to worry about! That’s because, it has all the calcium you need to make your bones stronger. By increasing the density of the bone, it makes it much less susceptible to osteoporosis.

Therefore, incorporating cheese in your diet before you are 30 is crucial! Do that, and save yourself from osteoporosis in later years.

Remarkably proteinacious

Your body cannot store protein, which is essential for the formation, repair and protection of the body. Without its proper intake, fluid retention and shrinkage of the muscle tissue occurs. Hence, your daily source of food consumption should contain adequate amounts of protein. If you are looking for the best cheesy-protein source, parmesan is your answer!

Can alter hypertension

So recently, there was a research conducted in which two groups of hypertensive patients, one which only consumes fruits and vegetables and the other consuming low-fat dairy products as well were tested. Amongst these low fat dairy products, certain types of cheeses including mozzarella are included. And, according to this research, it was found that the group taking low-fat dairy products had an overall decrease in blood pressure. But, it’s important that the cheese that is being consumed does not contain more than 1500 mg of sodium. So, take care of all that and say cheese while you get your hypertension reversed!

The ultimate immunity booster

If you have ever heard of probiotics, you must know that these are the friendly bacteria that help your body in improving the immune system. And according to a research, cheese, especially ‘gouda’ can improve the immune system greatly by introducing gut-friendly probiotics.

So if you don’t want immunoesenescene to take over your elderly self, eat that cheese!

Coming to the cheesy end

Put it on your pizza if you’re in the mood for something unhealthy or on your salads if you’re a health freak, as it works with everything. Grate some cheese and keep it on your side table to snack on, and that will be grate for you. Cheese fulfills all requirements, the craving ones and the health ones. So go ahead and grab some cheese, but don’t forget to eat it in moderation as too much of anything is bad!


Guest Credits: Dr Maleeha Syed



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