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Goodbye Ramadan

It’s that time of the year again where you sit and wonder how exactly time flew so fast. At least two months before Ramadan our mothers start talking about how it is so near and how they have to prepare so much for it. When it begins, a day passes, then two days, then a week and before you know it Eid-ul-Fitr is less than a week away. Only when Ramadan ends is when we start missing it sorely; the iftaris, the sehris and the Ronaq in our chaotic country that becomes alive and joyful during this blessed month.

Why is Ramadan so Special?

While it is only what is mentioned above that we miss the most, this month is full of subtle teachings. This includes not only to control our hunger and thirst but also to give with an open heart to those less fortunate, be patient with each other in everyday matters and to try to be better human beings on a whole.

In the city of Karachi, life is fast and tough. In Ramadan, it is as if everyone forgets about their worries and life slows down so it can be savored. It is a completely different site to what we are used to when an hour before Maghrib, there are Iftar preparations in the streets so that people who can’t make it home on time due to their difficult work don’t have to miss out on this much-awaited meal; or those who can’t afford it can also enjoy it. Those who are able, distribute Zakat: ration packs to the poor as well as food every day to the mosques, orphanages and charity organizations. The public turns into its best version and disregards the vices that exist in society.

 Food for Thought

Ramadan teaches us to be better human beings. We need to realize that to eliminate the bad, the good must stand strong. It is all year that we should act as we do in Ramadan. To help an old person cross the road or give someone a glass of water or even giving way to someone are not mighty acts of saints and prophets. They are small acts of kindness. They are easy, they take no time and bear huge rewards.

Eid comes and goes, life resumes its ordinary tracks and we return to being impatient and ungrateful thinking about none other than ourselves. This Eid, just like we make New Years’ Resolution, let’s make a promise to ourselves that we will strive to become better. To become calm. To become our best.

Have a blessed Eid!



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