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Medically Reviewed by Dr. Riaz Ali Shah

And science never fails to surprise us with recurrent researches mentioning foods we never even heard of being beneficial for health. A similar one is an ancient plant’s seed called flaxseed, loaded with a big stack of benefits and nutrition. Flaxseed is often also called linseed and has been proven to have amazing medicinal properties. Being an old fiber crop, flaxseeds were used as herbal medicine for hundreds of years by the people of Asia. We today have this food product available in the form of flour, oil, powder, capsules, and tablets. The incredible perks it contains within a single seed are infinite in number counting in:

Protection against cancer

Flaxseeds contain omega-3 in it that cease the growth of cancer cells and tumors preventing them to spread further. Lignans in the seeds are also known to halt the formation of blood vessels in tumors causing them to die at the earliest.

Shield against cardiovascular diseases

Having an abundant supply of fibers, phytosterols and omega-3 in it, flaxseeds help reduce the bad cholesterol from the body and raise the bar of your heart’s health. Phytosterols aid in the absorption of cholesterol in intestines and hinders its accumulation in vessels and other body parts.

Prevention of diabetes

Consuming a moderate amount of flaxseeds every day improves blood sugar and insulin levels in the body and thus prevents one from contracting type-1 diabetes and lag the inception of type-2 diabetes.

A palette of nutrients

It holds a bulk of essential nutrients in it including vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, and fiber. All of these in combination produce exceptional effects on your body and boosts the functions carried out.

Ease out constipation

The plenteous amount of fiber in flaxseeds helps your intestines to expel the waste effortlessly. The insoluble fiber with their stay in intestines absorbs water and makes the mass movements regular to help you get rid of constipation.



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