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Everything You Need to Know About Bone Health!

Bone health

Medically reviewed by Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Shera.

The best time to focus on your bone health was yesterday. The second best time is now. It is a little known fact that it is never too late to try to improve your bone health. However, steps taken during your youth go a long way in keeping your bones in good shape during old age. This is because the body is continuously incorporating minerals into your bones and increasing their density until the age of 30. This is when you achieve peak bone mass. Then as you grow older, your bones start to slowly weaken as they lose their minerals. So the better your bone health is during the bone-building phase, the stronger your bones will remain through the rest of your life. Here are a few tips you can use to give your bones some much needed TLC!

Sunburn or Vitamin D overload?

Vitamin D is incredibly important for bone health. The majority of Pakistan’s population suffers from some form of Vitamin D deficiency. Resulting in a plethora of bone issues such as bone pain, weak bones and increased fractures. This is why you should keep an eye for any such deficiencies and take bone health supplements if need be. One of the best natural ways to improve your Vitamin D levels is by taking in loads of sunlight! So you now have an excellent excuse for taking an entire day off to sunbathe at the beach! Other methods include eating specific bone health foods that are rich in vitamin D such as fish, fish oil and mushrooms!

Calci-You later!

You’ve probably already heard how drinking milk is important for your bones. Ever wondered why? This is because milk contains Calcium, an important mineral that helps improve your bone density. The best way to ensure that your body has ample calcium is by incorporating calcium rich bone health food into your diet. These include milk, dairy products and green leafy vegetables! Calcium is beneficial for numerous reasons, but it has been shown to specifically improve your muscle, blood and bone function overall.

Exercise Has Got Your Back!

Exercise is great for not only maintaining your overall health but to also improve your bone health. There are certain exercises, such as weight-bearing and resistance workouts that help to strengthen bones overtime. However, be careful while doing strenuous exercises as they could result in serious injuries as well. Make sure your posture and form is correct while you exercise and you do not overexert yourself at any time.

There’s Nothing Humerus About Bone Pain!

Bone pain is usually indicative of underlying bone issues. These could be a general weakness of the bones, Vitamin D or Calcium deficiency, or bone injuries. It is important that you take any such signs and symptoms seriously and consult your physician immediately. Delaying treatment for bone issues will only result in worsening of the issues.


Most bone issues can be improved upon by simple, uncomplicated and oftentimes over the counter treatments. So if you’ve been stressed about your bone health, we just want you to know it’s going tibia okay! Stack up on all the cheese and leafy greens you can, get lots of vitamin D and don’t skip workouts! Simple steps like these go a long way in keeping you and your bones healthy and happy!







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