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Don’t ignore these 3 heart symptoms

Your heart is the most vital organ in your body. It controls the flow of blood, to and from you’re the major organs. In short, it is one of the organs which keeps you alive. However, this organ is also one of the most delicate and sensitive in terms of its functioning. If you fail to keep it happy, it will ditch you like an unfaithful partner and leave you gasping for your last breath. Unfortunately, many people ignore the signs which tell our body that there may be something wrong with our hearts. Paying heed to these signs and doing something about them might make the difference between life and death.

Chest pain or discomfort

HN_BB_Heart_Disease_3_prevent-img_1280x720This is the most common sign of heart problem. The pain may arise in any area surrounding your heart. The most severe types of chest pain which you feel occurs when an artery is blocked or you’re suffering a clot. Every person has a different sensation during chest pain, such as extreme pressure or being struck with a pointed needle.

Your head spins.

dizzinessA number of things can make you drop your balance or feel faint for a moment. Maybe you didn’t have enough to eat or drink, or you stood up too fast. However, if you feel dizzy all of a sudden and you also have chest discomfort, the culprit is usually your heart.

You are not as active as before

cure-weakness-in-bodyIf you get exhausted easily or are unable to do the things which you previously had no trouble in doing, such as climb a few floors of stairs or walking briskly, the reason is mostly your heart health. If you find yourself in such a position, the best option is to call your doctor right away.



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