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Coping with stress: students guide to stress management

Most people think that stress only has to do with a major problem in our lives, trouble at the job, financial instability or a bad relationship. However, the most vulnerable people to stress are students. Studying is a challenging time especially if you’re in college. All those assignments, deadlines and projects add up to become one big reason for stress breakdown and other stress-related complications. It is important that students learn to manage stress because the burden of extra work will always be there whether you like it or not. Surprisingly, many students are committing suicide due to challenging curriculum needs and demanding scores by parents and professors alike. In such a situation you have to embrace the stress and put it in a place where it doesn’t bother you. We have all the tips in helping you deal with all that stress

Check your diet

Binge eating in college and late night pizza sessions don’t add up to provide you a nutritious diet. Incorporating fresh ingredients such as fruits and vegetables is necessary because they not just improve your mood, they also help you get more productive so that you can manage all your tasks efficiently and don’t let the stress pile up.

Physical activity

Physical activity is scientifically proven to be mood enhancing. A quick run on the treadmill can trigger the release of endorphins. Joining a sports club or paying your favorite sports with your friends will also do the trick. You just have to move your body and get active. So the next time you feel bogged down by a lot of projects and assignments, get your running shoes on and head outdoors.


A good shut-eye is what’s preventing you from living a stress-free life. It is extremely important to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Without it your body begins to slow down, your memory, concentration and stress levels are all affected. So be sure to get a good night’s rest and log off Facebook.

Don’t smoke

It is easy to pick up this bad habit in college when there’s so much freedom to make your own choices. Contrary to popular belief, cigarettes increase the level of stress and anxiety rather than lowering it so that you have to smoke more to keep stress at bay. Plus bad health will eventually give you a lot of stress in years to come.



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