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Children of Pakistan: victims of anxiety and depression

Mental health awareness is one important issue which is often ignored by developing countries, including Pakistan. More important than this, this issue is always linked to adults and one seldom thinks about its impact on our children. It is true, however, that children are also exposed to the effects of mental health. Children often cannot talk about their feelings and the issues which are concerning them which makes finding out about these problems even more challenging. Moreover, the social situation prevailing in our country and localities also have a big impact on the mental health of the children. Violence, extremism, intolerance, and abuse all add together to destroy our children and cripple our nation. Let’s find out more about how mental health can influence the children of Pakistan

Diagnosing depression in children

Although children are not very capable of describing their feelings, you can judge the presence of depression by a few signs and actions. Children who are depressed are often irritated or angered. They portray either through their words or actions feelings of hopelessness and sadness, not wanting to play or do the usual things the children do. Another sign your child might be feeling depressed or anxious is social withdrawal. Children love to interact with each other and play, they, however, they seem secluded or quiet, there may be an underlying cause.

How to deal with children in depression

Treatment options for children with depression are similar to those for adults, including psychotherapy (counseling) and medication. The role that the family and the child’s environment play in the treatment process is different from that of adults. Your child’s doctor may suggest psychotherapy first, and consider antidepressant medicine as an additional option if there is no significant improvement. The best studies to date indicate that a combination of psychotherapy and medication is most effective at treating depression.



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