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Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Dawaai

breast cancer

October has started and this month is all about breast cancer awareness. October is a month that is specifically designated for this cause and awareness campaigns run all over the world to aware public about prevention and treatment of the disease. People wear pink ribbons to show their solidarity with patients who are suffering from the disease. We were in the health industry care about this issue and want to play our part in underscoring the need for marking this awareness month as an opportunity to dispel many myths about the disease, to spread information and valuable knowledge about it and to enable patients to live healthy and productive lives after the diagnosis and treatment.

Using the forum of Dawaai, we are starting a breast cancer campaign aimed at raising awareness, spreading information and by making some medicines as well as unique services available. In this campaign, we are going to share some useful tips related to breast cancer, its symptoms, preventions, examination and some tips for the people who are currently fighting with this crippling disease. These tips and useful information will be shared on our social media platform and of course, you will see a number of blog posts related to the topic.

In Pakistan, breast cancer is increasing at an alarming rate. In fact, the figures show us that Pakistan has the highest breast cancer patients in Asia. Though this rate is increasing all over the world, in our country, there are countless reasons that are many challenges that are the reason behind this escalated breast cancer trend. These challenges include illiteracy, misconceptions, social stigma and lack of awareness.

It is the prerogative of every individual to know about these fatal diseases and society should support their cause. If we spread knowledge about this disease, we can save a lot of lives through early detection and prevention and this campaign is also initiated by us to spread awareness about this disease.

May we all win in this fight against breast cancer and may we all be happy, healthy and safe!



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