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Boost your Vitamin D levels this winter

Medically Reviewed by Dr Riyaz Ali

The breeze of winter air doesn’t work well with many. Most people get more aggravated during winters-throwing tantrums about the smallest and most insignificant things like walking to school or even eating breakfast. During these gray, cold days people report to being super slow and spaced out due to the evident laziness they feel rushing through their bodies. Many of you might be wondering why this is happening? Is there some apocalypse going on? Well, quite stressing and read ahead. All of these things are caused by a Vitamin D deficiency that happens due to a drop in the serotonin levels in the body and absence of exposure to the sun. Therefore, follow the tips below, get up and running with high levels of Vitamin D in your system.

The sun will surely cure your Vitamin D-ficiency

Always remember that the sun is actually your best friend under the pretense of a molten hot layer. So during winters, try soaking up on the afternoon sunlight. Do not wear a cap or any sunscreen and walk under the sun for about half an hour. You can even take your kids out for a picnic so that the sunshine inundates you and lifts up your mood. Vitamin D from the sun treats blood pressure, depression, autoimmune diseases and a lot more. So stop staring at the sun and instead go out and stand under it to escalate your Vitamin D level. However, if you live in an area with no sunlight then make use of sunlamps.

Treat yourself to a Vitamin D buffet

Food is loved by nearly everyone, but it is necessary to make the right choices related to it. Eating edibles that are enriched with Vitamin D is a must as they improve the conditions of your heart and develop stronger bones. Some of the foods that are filled with Vitamin D include tuna, milk, mackerel, salmon, cheese and mushrooms. Make sure to include at least some of these things to your diet especially if you have hair loss, hyperpigmentation or are overweight. You can whip around a delicious omelet for breakfast, or make some garlic mushrooms for lunch. So gear up on these ingredients packed with Vitamin D and get cooking!

Stock up on Vitamin D supplements

If you are having pain in your bones, are feeling low or are a victim of a weak immune system, then your first purchase must be Vitamin D supplements. These supplements help build strong teeth and even strengthen the enamel on them. Moreover, it has been proven by science that Vitamin D helps boost your mood and therefore makes you feel joyful and happy. However, if you are confused about the dosage requirements then do read ahead. Children and adults till the age of 70 need 600 IU and over 70 require 800 IU of Vitamin D.

Get shots of Indrop D

The Indrop-D shot is full of Vitamin D and help the bones to grow stronger by absorbing calcium, gets rid of lethargy and depression, treats hair and bone loss, and cures muscle pain. If you have been feeling exhausted or having soreness in your bones or muscles then these shots are ideal for you. They provide an increased amount of Vitamin D which makes your body healthy, lifts up your mood and makes you a happier person. It also prevents hair loss, so if you are mortified about your hair shedding off while taking a bath, you must consider buying these Vitamin D enriched shots. However, if you are facing severe Vitamin D deficiency then it is recommended to always consult a doctor before doing anything.

Include everything D-rich in your life to become a healthier and happier person. Make sure to take brisk walks under the sun, fix your sleep schedule by making sure that you get at least 7 hours of sleep, eat food that works well with your body and take all your supplements. Start following these tips today and switch to an improved version of yourself.

Guest Post Credit: Asma Qadri



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