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All about Movember and how to celebrate it

November has been recently dubbed as Movember. This is not merely a change of spelling but it is termed so as to celebrate a special cause all over the world. Movember is termed as the month of men because it is during this month that men grow mustaches to raise awareness about issues affecting men’s health. These issues include psychological, prostate cancer and other male conditions which affect thousands of men all over the world each year. The Movember Foundation runs a charity event which raises money to fund these health issues all over the world and hence millions of men are helped in one way or the other. This is a recent trend and has been very popular amongst men and women both. In order to celebrate Movember in its true spirit, we have compiled the following tips.

First things first; grow a mustache

All the ladies reading this, this is not for you! Men, step forward and let your whiskers do the talking. Don’t be ashamed to let your mustache grow for about a month. Mustaches have been recently coming in style from obscurity. Grow the mustache of your choice and get trendy as well as supportive of the cause

For the ladies

While the ladies can’t grow a mustache, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the spirit of Movember. In order to support the cause pick up the trendy mustache jewelry and clothing which has been gaining popularity in the female clothing arena. You can flaunt the mustache in a ring on your hand or even a mustache-shaped necklace.

Read up and donate

In order to celebrate the true spirit of Movember, it is important that you support the cause which it seeks to spread which is better men’s health. Read up on the issues affecting men’s health in the recent past and also donate to the Movember organization if you can.



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