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All about dengue and how to prevent it

Dengue fever is caused by a special mosquito known as Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. This fever usually occurs in the summer season and during the monsoon which acts as a breeding ground for such mosquitoes. Dengue mosquitos bite during the day as opposed to malaria where the flying killers bite during night time. Dengue fever is dangerous and can be life-threatening. It decreases your white blood cell count to lethal levels whereby your body loses its ability to heal wounds and another bleeding. As a result, you bleed profusely when you get a cut. Other symptoms of this fever include blood in vomit, excruciating headache, rashes all over the body and inability to eat anything as well as falling energy levels and high fever. Although there is no vaccine or cure for this fever it can be treated by increasing the blood platelet level and supplementing with a glucose drip along with fever medication. However, dengue can be easily prevented by taking certain measures. These measures will save you or your loved ones the unwanted experience of suffering through this fever.

  1. Dengue mosquito breeds over clean water where it lays its eggs. Therefore it is very important that you do not let water gather over in any place. If you have stored water for any use, make sure to cover it properly. Do not let rainwater collect in puddles in or near your house.
  2. When you step out of your home during day time, and even when you’re inside your home, make sure to apply generous amounts of mosquito repellant on any exposed skin. Also, make sure you wear full sleeve clothing and pants instead of shorts.
  3. Keep your windows and doors closed and make sure that they do not have any openings or holes which can act as an entry point for mosquitos. If you do not have a door net installed in your door or window, make sure you get it installed so that you get fresh air without the fear of mosquitos.
  4. Cover your trash bin or sink which contains the leftovers. Too much trash and filth can also act as a breeding ground for these mosquitos.
  5. Although it is true that dengue mosquitos bite during the day time, but this statement does not stop them from biting you during the night time if there are any in your room. Thus always make sure that you sleep under a mosquito net.
  6. Talk to your local town authority to ask them to conduct regular anti-mosquito sprays in your street or neighborhood so that every public space or park also does not act as a breeding ground for these mosquitos.
  7. If you or your loved ones are already suffering through dengue fever, make sure to not let the mosquito bite them again because this can prove to be extremely fatal.
  8. Lastly, do not take a chance with dengue fever, as soon as any of the symptoms develop or prevail, rush to your nearest hospital as soon as you can because dengue fever is life-threatening.



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