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About Us

Dawaai is an innovative pharmacy-led healthcare group. Our mission is to provide integrated pharmacy services with Convenience and Quality. We are reinventing the concept of retail pharmacy by taking authentic medicines to patients’ door-step as quickly as possible.

How do we interact with our Customers?

Dawaai is a pharmacy with a difference. Only qualified pharmacists handle all our pharmaceutical products, including procurement, storage, and dispensing. These associates are available 10:30am – Midnight (Monday to Saturday) and are a phone call away from all our valued customers.

How do we ensure Authenticity?

We only procure our medicines directly from manufacturers or their distributors. Most large pharmaceuticals are in direct contact with us at a senior management level. There is constant flow of relevant information and quality control mechanisms to ensure authenticity of our medicines.

Dawaai is Pakistan’s first certified e-pharmacy vetted by LegitScript as an authentic and safe merchant in healthcare and telemedicine. Pursuing its mission of quality healthcare for all, Dawaai continues to raise the bar as an industry leader in responsible telemedicine.

Why are we convenient?

All your pharmaceutical needs are met at your doorstep by our trained riders, in safe and hygienic conditions. We maintain recommended temperature level and packaging material to prevent any damage while in storage or transit.

Your order will be delivered to you in a sealed package, which you may accept only if the seal is intact. Before accepting your medicines, you have full authority to return the order if the seal is tampered. To ensure authenticity of medicines provided by Dawaai, we will not be able to return/exchange medicines once sold and accepted by you. This is for your safety and to maintain quality standards.

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