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6 things you should know before getting a breast implant

You’ve been looking in the mirror for a bit too long now. Focusing on your breasts, and wondering how a few more sizes can impact your overall look. If this is you, then you’re one of the many women around the world who is considering breast implant and enlargement. While it is a common procedure that many women are embracing with open arms, there are a few things that you should know before you decide to walk towards the path of bigger breasts. Here’s the list of 6 things you should know before getting a breast implant.

Bigger breasts don’t come cheap

Breast implantation is expensive and can cost more than $3000 depending on your doctor and the place you live in. But generally, it is considered one of the most expensive cosmetics treatments in the industry today. More shockingly, this fee goes to your surgeon and does not include the additional charges of anesthesia, hospital charges, and materials, etc.

Getting big takes time

You cannot expect to go from a small size to DD in just a sitting. Since it’s a cosmetic procedure, your body will react to it and your skin will take time to adjust to the change gradually. Hence it is important that you set realistic goals. Your surgeon will suggest that you go one cup at a time and it might take a little more time than you expected to reach your ultimate goal.

No jumping jacks

You are not advised or even allowed to jump or do similar exercises for example cardio. This is because jumping might offset your implants and cause unnecessary pressure on your breasts. The implants can shift and lose their position. Thus any form of exercise should be refrained from for about 10-12 weeks.

Get ready to welcome the new guests

It is important that you prepare for the surgery beforehand. In other words, do your house chores if there are any, get bigger clothes, bigger bra and any other thing which you deem necessary to support the new change. If you live alone, make sure that you get all your medicines in order and avoid strain or pressure after the procedure.

Get walking

Many women have reported that a slow walk for several minutes a day after the surgery helps to ease the swelling. This can partly be due to the motion of walking which eases pressure on your chest. So prepare your walking shoes and take a stroll in the park or any place of your choice.

Loss of feeling in the nipple

You can lose sensation or feeling in your nipple after an implant. However, this depends on a number of things for example breast shape and surgery type. This doesn’t mean that they will stop responding to different situations. Meaning, for example, they will still react to cold by getting erect but you might not be able to feel this sensation.



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