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5 things to do during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important phases in a woman’s life. It is a time of great emotions, new beginnings, and blissful motherhood. If you’re pregnant for the first time, then you may feel overwhelmed with the change it brings. This change is both physical and emotional. Your world changes and everything you do now revolve around the baby. It is also a time of great expectations and a changing paradigm in your relationship with your partner.

On top of all these things, pregnancy can become very challenging if you fail to follow proper guidelines and care. In many cases, women have been forced to miscarry or hurt the health of the baby because they self medicated and took the wrong pregnancy medicines or ignored the care necessary for a healthy baby and a healthy mother.

Early pregnancy symptoms can help you identify  what to do. Below is the list of all the things you should follow to achieve a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Get started on early prenatal care

Visiting your doctor for early prenatal care is one of the most vital steps for you and your baby. As soon as you are aware of your pregnancy. Call your doctor and schedule your visits. This will help you keep track of the baby’s development, your own health and help address any issue which you have in mind. However finding the right doctor, with whom you’re comfortable and trust, may take time, thus as soon as you are aware of your pregnancy, begin with the search.

Watch your diet

As they say it, “as soon as you’re pregnant, you’re eating for two.” This means that you are eating for your own self as well as your baby. Therefore be very picky about what you eat. Foods rich in protein are necessary for the baby’s healthy development. Make sure you are fulfilling your daily calcium requirement. This can be a challenge for many women because when you’re not pregnant, it okay to miss the recommended daily allowance, but now you need to focus on your baby’s growth.

Get some exercise

While you should not engage in a very rigorous exercise regimen, it is important that you exercise moderately and get active during pregnancy. This is because exercise will help prevent any aches, pains and help your body deal with the extra weight which you’re carrying. Exercise can also deal with your hormones which go haywire during pregnancy by making you feel good.


Pregnancy is one of the most challenging times for your body. All that fatigue, stress and anxiety is overwhelming. Therefore it is important that you rest adequately. Take naps, short breaks, and a good night’s sleep. Relax your body by taking light massages, deep breathing and sitting in a quiet and cozy environment.

Avoid alcohol and smoking at all costs


These two are an absolute no when it comes to pregnancy. The harmful ingredients and toxins present in both may actually not just harm you but the baby also. Often times alcohol and smoking have been the result of neonatal death and miscarriage.

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