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4 Health Benefits of Aloe Vera that will make you say ‘Aloe you’


Medically reviewed by Dr. Riaz Ali Shah.

Say H-aloe to your health’s best friend Aloe Vera. This plant is known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and, therefore, has been used as a medicinal plant for centuries.

The juice from this plant is thick and can be applied on the skin to prevent acne, skin burns and many other skin problems. But, even drinking the juice of Aloe Vera provides your body with numerous health benefits.

We cannot include all of the benefits (as books can be written listing down all the health benefits), but we are here talking about the 4 health benefits of Aloe Vera so that you can incorporate this health elixir gel in your life.

 Mate, you have to hydrate!

The aloe vera plant is filled with water; therefore drinking aloe vera juice is an ideal way to prevent dehydration. You need to detox your body to flush out impurities and you do this by staying hydrated.

Moreover, this juice is jam-packed to the brim with nutrients that help to optimize your body’s organ output. This is extremely important because your liver and kidneys are mainly responsible for detoxifying the blood and producing urine. Therefore, you need to stay hydrated and keep them healthy.

Instead of binging on fruit juices or coconut water after your exercise, try some Aloe Vera juice. It will hydrate you and provide you with the nutrients your body needs.

 Burn down those burns with Aloe Vera.

You might have heard of Aloe Vera as the “burn plant”. Well, it lives up to its name as it is known for its healing properties. It is anti-inflammatory and helps to prevent the growth of bacteria.

If you or someone near you has a burn, then apply a layer of Aloe Vera gel from the leaf directly to the affected area. Yes, you will need to get proper medical help to treat the burn but Aloe Vera will help to soothe the pain. Therefore, make sure to always keep Aloe Vera/Aloe Vera gel in your house as this plant would never ‘leaf’ you in the time of need.

No toothpaste? Well, you have Aloe Vera now.

Everyone, older or younger, is suffering from gum diseases and tooth decay. You need to reduce the buildup of plaque to stop this from happening. And that is where the main star of the show, Aloe Vera, comes in.

A study was conducted where pure Aloe Vera juice was compared to chlorhexidine (a common mouthwash ingredient). It was found after a couple of days that this Aloe Vera mouthwash was working just as well as chlorhexidine. This is because Aloe Vera kills the plaque-producing bacteria called Streptococcus multans and the yeast called Candida albicans. Thus, it has been seen that incorporating Aloe Vera gel/juice to clean your teeth will work to your advantage.

Get an Instagram filter skin in real life

Be it dry skin or oily- Aloe Vera always comes handy. Aloe Vera moisturizing pack is an amazing moisturizer that can be used in the summer. To help your dry skin, you will need to make this mask and for that, all you will need is aloe vera gel, banana, and honey. Mash all of these ingredients in a bowl, apply on your skin, massage, rinse off your face and say ‘H-aloe’ to your glowing skin.

However, if you have oily skin, then an Aloe Vera skin pack is something you need. To make this pack you need some aloe vera gel, rose water and almond oil. Mix all of these things in a bowl and leave on your skin for 20 minutes before washing it off. This make will help to rejuvenate your skin from excess heat and avoid it from getting sticky.

The Aloe-vely ending

Aloe Vera is here to stay for good and fight away all of your health related problems with its benefits. All you need to do now is stock up on Aloe Vera juice or make some yourself (Grind 2 tbsps. of Aloe Vera gel with 1 glass of water) and drink it to help detoxify your body. You can even grow some, and use the gel on your hair, skin and even nails to make them stronger. So stop worrying about your health and get Aloe Vera instead!

Guest Credits: Asma Qadri



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