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3 ways you can beat depression

Nowadays, almost everybody is depressed! We all know someone who is struggling with depression or is on any form of antidepressant medication. These medications act momentarily and they do not eradicate the root causes of depression but rather treat their symptoms. Depression is usually persistent and long term. Most people experience good and bad emotions depending on the things that happen in their lives. Sometimes you feel superhuman, other times it can feel like something is just missing. This feeling cannot be categorized as depression. Depression usually erodes a person from inside, bit by bit. It creates a lot of negativity in your life which becomes difficult to deal with. You’re always down and broken. It’s like you’re in a dark narrow tunnel and are unable to see the opening. Thus it becomes necessary that you identify all the reasons which are making you feel that the world is a sad and lonely place.

1. Identify the causes of depression in your life

More often than not, depression is a result of countless things happening in our lives contrary to the way we want. You might feel miserable about your job, low self-esteem, sexual frustration, spiritual imbalance and a lot more. Be honest with yourself about what might be off in your life, and make an effort to get to the root of why you might be feeling depressed.

2. Get your hormones checked

Hormonal imbalance can trigger depression. Thyroid, testosterone, estrogen and other hormonal imbalances can make you feel depressed. This is because these hormones play an important part in your brain and other bodily functions. They can directly affect your ability to feel depressed or create situations where you feel depressed. For example depression due to low sexual activity because of low testosterone levels.

3. Look towards the brighter side of things

Countless studies have shown that when you look towards the positive side of things, your mood improves because your serotonin levels increase. Years of medical research has proven that what you think, positive and negative, can alter the flow of blood to your brain. So if you think positive, you feel positive.



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