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3 warning signs before a heart attack

A heart attack is the biggest killer of men and women in many countries. Most of the people who suffer a heart attack expire because it gets too late for them to be taken care of by a medical professional. Often times there are warning signs before a heart attack which are ignored by the subject. Heart attack results are heart failure because of a blood clotting in the heart. People who are given treatment for blocked arteries also have a greater chance of surviving the attack. Knowing the early warning signs of a heart attack can save you or your loved ones.

Chest discomfort

This is one of the most common signs of heart failure. Often times the subject witnesses prior pain in chest and the region surrounding it. This pain is described as a huge force being exerted on the chest, much like an elephant standing on your chest. It is also common amongst patients to witness chest tightness.

Fatigue and shortness of breath

During a heart attack, it is common for one to witness fatigue and shortness of breath. This is because your heart is entering into a shutdown phase and it becomes difficult for it to keep the blood flowing within your body, as a result, your organs are overworked and your body can’t keep pace with it

You think you’re about to pass out

This is also one of the most common signs amongst people who witness a heart attack. Since your body is suffering a major blow, it tries to conserve the energy by shutting other organs utilizing the power. Just like a major grid. Therefore you begin to feel dizzy as your brain function and other abilities start declining.



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