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3 foods to eat for better stomach health

You must have heard the phrase that good health starts with the stomach. Guess what, this is actually true. Many scientific studies have pointed out that if your stomach and digestive system working brilliantly your overall health will also be top notch as a result. This is because most of the processes of the body are based on the fine working of a good digestive system because that is what provides energy to the rest of the body. Most of our vital organs are then given the necessary nutrients to keep functioning well and also to replenish. So if you put rubbish in your stomach, by which I mean foods that cause havoc in your gastro health, your whole body suffers as a result of many complications and ailments. These are the top 3 foods to should be eating if you want a healthy gut and a healthy body.

Yummy Yogurt

Yogurt is your stomachs absolute best friend. This is because it contains good bacteria which helps improve your digestive health. Eating yogurt with live cultures and other foods that contain probiotics build up that positive population. Not only this, but many studies have also reached a conclusion that probiotics in yogurt and also help irritable bowel syndrome.


This soothing plant is not just a refreshing toothpaste flavor but something which can promote your stomach health and help ease your digestion. Peppermint is best taken when you place a couple of peppermint leaves in water, boil the water, let it cool and enjoy it with some honey. Else it can also be consumed as a supplement and even as peppermint oil.

Essential fluids

Although these are not classified as food but rather liquid, maintaining a necessary level of adequate fluids in the form of water and other healthy beverages will keep your digestive system going well.



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