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2 things to say to someone in depression to help them feel better

Being in depression is the worst feeling. You think that you have lost the game that is called life, everything is working against you and you find your self-trapped in a maze with seemingly no way out. Although the person going through depression is going through a lot still other’s around him or her, the friends, family, and coworkers make it more difficult for the person to cope with their depressions by saying things which are sharper than a razor blade and which erodes the person from inside. All one needs at this point is a little encouragement, the feeling that they are not alone and to help them see the light at the end of the tunnel. We unveil the 3 most important things you can say to someone going through depression to help them feel better.

“I’m here for you”

Depressed people often think that they have virtually no support in life or something they are facing difficulty with. Humans were designed to function as a collective group and not every man for himself. When this sense of being outright lonely comes into play, people think that they cannot figure things out on their own and hence start worrying about life. When you show someone doing through depression a little support by saying these few words, you lighten their burden many folds and they know they are not in this alone.

“You matter”

A person suffering through depression has lost his self-importance in other’s lives and began seeing themselves as a burden or worthless for this world. This is the worst feeling someone could go through, thinking they have absolutely no impact on anyone’s life and no contribution to society. Telling them that even their existence is substantial in anyone’s life is extremely heartening.



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